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Interview Skills: How to Land Your Dream Job

April 2, 2014 General 0 Comments

Interview Skills: How to Land Your Dream JobYou've never felt more prepared for a job interview. You've read every news article you could get your hands on to learn about the company, and you've come up with thoughtful questions. You've spent hours on social media, reading what customers and employees say about your prospective employer. You've done mock interviews to sharpen your skills. You're anticipating the questions the interviewer will ask, and you've practiced your answers. Your interview skills are as sharp as they've ever been. Other than making sure you don't have spinach in your teeth when you go to the interview, that's all you can do, right? Wrong. All of those interview skills are vitally important, but there's one more thing you can do, and it could make the difference between getting the job or seeing it go to someone else.

The Most Important Interview Question You'll Ever Ask

The one thing that can help you seal the deal is a simple question: "What concerns do you have about my ability to do this job?" Why is that question so powerful? Because there's no bad answer. No matter what the interviewer's response is, you can use it to your advantage.

When the Interviewer Has Concerns

Anyone who's spent a little time in sales or who's been on the receiving end of a great sales pitch knows the importance of overcoming objections. Think about going to your favorite restaurant and eating way too much. When the server comes by with the dessert tray, you reluctantly say that you couldn't eat another bite. A good waiter would then say, "Well, you'll be hungry later. Why don't I box up a piece for you to take home?" Just like that, he neutralized your objection about being stuffed.

The ability to overcome objections isn't just for salespeople, it's an important interview skill, too. Asking, "What concerns do you have about my ability to do this job?" lets you do the same thing. The only catch is that you have to spend a little time before the interview trying to anticipate what those objections might be. Then, if the interviewer expresses concern over your lack of a degree in the field, you can explain how your experience makes up for the lack of a degree. If the interviewer thinks you don't have enough experience, you get to talk about your work ethic and how quickly you've learned the ropes in other situations.

When the Interviewer Doesn't Have Concerns

You really can't ask for a better scenario than an interviewer who says, "No, I don't have any concerns that I can think of." Bingo! You've just gotten the interviewer to take a baby step toward hiring you. It might seem like a small thing, but that tiny commitment can tip the scales in your favor. Now it's your turn to move things along by answering, "That's great! What's our next step?"

Having a killer resume is only half the battle. No matter your experience, your interview skills are equally important. For your next interview, remember the one question that will set you apart from the competition.

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